If Liking Every Pic On Michelle Scott's Instagram Is Wrong, We Don't Want To Be Right

There are just some women who look like more fun than others, and Michelle Scott happens to be one of those ladies! Of course, it's par for the course here at FHM to share those women with ya'll! I know, I know, we're the best.

Sure, she’s gorgeous and could easily be best described as a perfect 10—I mean, c'mon, just look at her!—but she’s also got a smile that’s electric, a set of eyes that are impossible to avoid staring at and a body that’s, well, do we really need to describe that? That's why we include the pictures, duh!

Blessed with that whole natural beauty thing, Michelle Scott is a lady that we can’t stop crushing on and some of her sexiest Instagram pictures will show you why.

Lead image via Michelle Scott's Instagram.

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