If You've Wondered Where Your Poop Goes On An Airplane, We've Got The Answer

Image via YouTube

We all try to avoid being "that person" who spends a good 10-15 minutes sitting in the airplane lavatory, stinking it up for nearby passengers, but, when nature calls, there's nothing you can do about it.

And while taking a poo on a flight is never encouraged, when you do "do do," it always leaves us with one question—where's it actually go?

We now have the answer, as Facts Verse's YouTube recently released a video of the fairly complicated process it takes to store and remove your waste.


The video shows how a vacuum sucks your poop down into a holding tank—which has the capacity of about 200 gallons—where the waste remains until the flight is completed. Once the flight lands safely, ground crews unlatch things and vacuum the contents out.

So, if you were someone who actually thought the crap just spewed out in midair, you're certainly mistaken. That said, you probably didn't know there's 200 gallons of poop beneath your feet, either.

Facts Verse's YouTube

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