Avoid Hangovers By Drinking This Type Of Alcohol (You Can Buy Us A Shot For The Pro Tip)

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It is, without question, one of the worst feelings in the world—a hangover.

Lying around all day, drinking water/Gatorade, trying to sleep but anxiously unable to, wasting the day away and suffering through chewing on anything to fill your stomach—all while feeling like your brain's an alien trying to escape your skull—it's the one moment where you actually wish you were dead.

And because you went way too hard the night prior, drinking any- and everything people handed to you, new research discovered that, when that happens, there's one alcohol you should turn to to avoid the hangover death the next day—tequila!

According to Daily Star, here's why fitness pros are touting the liquor as your new best friend:.

Fitness freaks from LA are touting tequila as the best tipple for your health and wellbeing – and not just because it’s vegan and gluten-free.

Blanco tequila, made from 100% pure agave, apparently doesn’t give you a hangover the next day.

It’s the purity of strong spirit that means you’ll be saved from a banging head, whereas other alcohols contain a mixture of various sugars and corn syrup.

Also clear liquors in general – like tequila, vodka, gin and light beer – are less likely to have you hanging your head in the toilet compared to dark tipples like brandy, whiskey, red wine and dark beer.

Does anyone else feel like this might be a bit backwards? I mean, some of the absolute worst hangovers I've ever had have come from tequila. However, Daily Star talked with bar guru Jason Eisner, director at Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, to help better explain:

“We have a lot of trainers and fitness gurus who come in and drink every day. The way they’re able to do that is to stick to pure agave spirits. As long as you stay hydrated and don't drink, like, a whole bottle, you're fine. Not hungover."

Well, there you have it, it's time to get on the Tequila Train, choo, choo!

Of course, the price of top-notch agave tequila is going to be higher than that of the handle of shit you're used to throwing back, but your body will thank you the next day for spending a little bit more, even if your bank account doesn't.

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