Iggy Azalea Puts Her Backside On Full Display While Vacationing On A Yacht In Mexico

Wow, just when we thought summer was just getting started, singer Iggy Azalea just put the hot in the season before it even officially begins, because the Aussie hip hop artist was caught looking mighty fine on a private yacht down in Mexico.

And, as you absolutely already know before even looking at Iggy's pics, she was more than happy showcasing her mind-bending curves and A+ booty.

Wearing a two-piece, purple bikini, Azalea acted as if she knew some paparazzi was stationed nearby, making sure to give the camera person exactly what he or she wanted by drying off out in the open, rather than hide somewhere from the sunshine.

And we get to reap all the benefits of the decision.

Making the day that much better for Iggy Azalea? With the blistering heat making her sweat and, god forbid, pat herself dry from falling sweat, she had some dude already standing by her to help cool her down with a spray bottle.

Hey, even if that's just suntan lotion, that's a pretty cool perk.

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