Here's How Far $75,000 Will Take You In Major U.S. Cities (Hint: It's Depressing AF)

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Benjamin Franklin once said that there's only two certainties in this life — death and taxes. Boy, oh boy, was he freakin' right! While we assume most people have some working knowledge of income tax, it's a whole other level of depressing to see it spelled out in front of you (in an info graphic no less).

In accordance to a 2010 study conducted by Princeton University, America's "happiness number" is an income of $75,000. Essentially this means is that earning more than 75k a year won't increase your overall quality of life. Seems like a decent amount of cash, no?

Yeah, not so much — Business Insider decided to go ahead and utilize the SmartAssest's paycheck calculator in order to determine just how far an annual salary of 75k would take the average American nowadays based on which major U.S. city they lived in. We hate to be the barer of bad news, but the results were freakin' dismal (at best).



Naturally we knew metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles would be bad, but we didn't realize just HOW BAD. Considering the amount of job opportunities that exist in these regions, you'd think that the government would incentivize its people by, we don't know, not beating them over the damn head with taxes. Can you tell we're riled up?

Here's just a break down of NYC, considering it's the biggest offender here:



Yep, that's that — we're moving to Middle America. We suggest y'all do the same.

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