A Beginner's Guide To Weed: The Differences Between Indica And Sativa

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Now, prior to moving to the Northwest over four years ago, where marijuana is legal in both the states of Oregon and Washington, I wasn't much of a casual weed smoker. In fact, I didn't know the indica and sativa difference — which, to be honest, I'd like to think a lot of people with my "experience" with the drug didn't. That's not to say I am nowadays, but, you know, when you're surrounded by pot and it's as accessible as it is, you partake in the action more than usual.

That's not an admission of being a pothead, but a few tokes here and there haven't killed me yet. As for being high? Yeah, it's done that on more than just a few occasions. Hey, when it rains from mid-October through the beginning of April or so, how else is a guy supposed to pass the time while watching Netflix movies on his couch by himself? Isn't that what pot became legal for? (OK, that's a pseudo joke, but I think you understand the point... weed is a good recreational thing to do).


Seeing as how I'm still an amateur when it comes to pot, I'm always all ears when it comes to learning more about the sticky icky stuff, which is why I asked a few industry experts about the differences between indica and sativa, the two species of the marijuana plant, which have varying side effects on users.

Whether you're looking for something to keep you up all night or some bud that'll mellow you out, here's what some of the top experts in the cannabis business had to say about what separates indica and sativa.



Lead image via Instagram/BigMike.

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