7 Things That Model Ines Trocchia Wants You To Know

Appearing in numerous magazines — one of which was the cover of Playboy Portugal — model Ines Trocchia has clearly broken into the industry in the biggest of ways. But, after taking one look at her, it's not difficult to see why. After all, the Italian-born Ines has that whole Mediterranean and exotic look that drives men everywhere crazy.

But Ines Trocchia is more than just a model, guys. In fact, she even hosts a popular national Italian soccer show which appears on three channels throughout the country. And, prior to breaking into the industry, the 23-year-old brunette graduated with a scientific diploma, and even showed a serious interest in interior design, hoping to, maybe one day, decorate a bunch of homes for living. But, you know, that all changed once she got her big break as a model.


Moving to Milan to pursue a modeling career at the ripe age of 19, Ines Trocchia has been thrust into the spotlight and is a rising star, so don't be shocked to see her career continue to expand even more. Something tells us she's going to be on the cover of plenty more magazines and featured on websites a lot in the coming years. When you add in her sports knowledge, well, big things are surely to come.

Beyond her gorgeous looks, Ines also has a down-to-earth personality, too, which is always a killer combination. Lucky enough to chat with her, we just had to get to know her even better, which is why we asked her to tell us the seven things we must know — and, thankfully, she got pretty personal about what she told us.

  1. Family Is Most Important For Me. I have a very small family and I am very grateful, especially to my mother, for the support that they gave me this year. I couldn’t have continued my career without my family and I just want to say thank you to them a hundred times for this!

  2. I Have A Birthmark On My Left Breast. It’s slightly darker than my skin and you’d never notice it... usually. Photographers tend to retouch it out, but I like it! It’s a part of me, you know?

  3. Before Becoming A Model.... I wanted to be in interior design. When my modeling career was picking up momentum, I decided to put my studies on hold to dedicate myself completely to modeling. I am still passionate about architecture and furniture, though, looking at how others design places I visit for work.

  4. I'm A Serious Foodie. I like discovering new foods all the time. Whether it be Mexican, Indian, Japanese, whatever! Traveling for my modeling work offers me plenty of opportunities to discover new foods, and I'm quite open to other cultures and like discovering their customs. You can learn a lot from a culture by their food!

  5. I'm Passionate About Art And Art Galleries. I am drawn to paintings, though it’s really any art work that transmits some emotion instantaneously. It's a lot like seeing someone attractive; you know the instant you see that person that you like them! My favorite piece of art is actually a photo called "Gli amanti" by Renè Magritte.

  6. I Love Animals. Especially dogs and cats. I have a dog named Ercole. If you’re wondering, the name is from Roman mythology, Ercole, the demigod of force. I also have two cats named Puzy and Nerina.

  7. In The Future.... I would like to launch my own line of underwear. I have an obsession with lingerie and how it fills in the figure of a woman. My personal favorite lingerie brand is Agent Provocateur.

All images via Manuel Tarquini and Ivan Genasi.

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