Insane Wife Actually Weighs Husband's "Family Jewels" To See If He's Been Fooling Around On Her

Image via Maury/Mirror

I've heard of crazy people doing even crazier things to see if their partner's been cheating on them or not, but some lady from Maury Povich's show just won the award for acting the most insane. That's because, as the headline says, she actually weighs her husband's balls each time he comes home to try and determine if he's been fooling around, per The Mirror.

A pair of high school sweethearts, who married at the age of 19, hit the rocks once Jermaine was able to legally drink and women began hanging out with other women.

Tia revealed that ever since Jermaine turned 21, which is the legal drinking age across the US, he has been acting differently and spends more time in bars and socialising with women.

Jermaine even admitted that he had cheated on one occasion, but mother-of-one Tia was not convinced it had been just that one time.

She even would test the weight of his testicles when he would return to the house to see if he had been having sex elsewhere.

“I want to see if they're heavy,” she explained to chat show host Maury on his TV show, while he said he had to “spread 'em”.

And, as most of these types of TV shows do, they put ol' Jermaine to the test, hooking him up to a lie detector test to ask him straight-up if he had been sleeping around—which, he claimed he hadn't, but the results proved otherwise. He even blamed his lack of sexual energy on work, claiming he's just too burnt out at the end of a long day.

Jermaine's lie detector proved that he couldn't perform in the bedroom because he was cheating on his wife.

“Since I've been married, I haven't been with nobody,” Jermaine told The Maury Show , but the lie detector showed otherwise.

“Be prepared to pay my child support and alimony,” Tia fumed as she insisted they were breaking up.

And just when you thought these two were clearly meant for one another, Jermaine said numerous time on the show that his wife was just "crazy" and "insecure," so, yeah, how else was this really going to end other than a break-up?


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