Some Millennial Gal Buried Herself In $10,000 Of Debt In Hopes Of Becoming Instagram Famous

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We know that there are a lot of famous models out there, and we also know that plenty of people hope that, like some models on that list, Instagram can help boost their career and into some fame. Unfortunately, that's not as easy as some may think, though. Unsurprisingly, that doesn't stop some from really "going for it" and putting all their eggs in one basket to try — and one millennial gal named Lissette Calveiro allegedly finds herself in $10,000 worth of debt because of it.

Look, we're not poking at the whole "millennial" crowd or anything. After all, personally speaking, most of us fall into that age group and category; 20- and 30-somethings who have been dreams and aren't afraid to take risks to reach them. Still, trying to become Instagram famous isn't one that many should hope for, but that was what Lissette was after.


According to Unilad, Lissette Calveiro moved from Miami to New York City to document her life, the luxurious spending on brunch, fashion and other things added up. And, as we mentioned above, it was to the tune of a crazy $10,000! That's a hell of a lot of money to be spending on brunch cocktails and vintage clothes, if you ask us.

So, how did Lissette actually rack up such an insane amount of debt? Talking to Unilad, here's how things went south so fast for her and her bank account:

I intended to start my own blog to document ‘life in NYC.’ In 2013, I was an intern at a public relations firm. The idea of ‘influencers’ didn’t exist, but I wanted to see how far I could take my blog.

I got a lot of nice engagement from people online, and really enjoyed connecting with strangers over similar interests and values so I continued to live a very public, social-forward lifestyle.

Trying to emulate social media personalities at the budget of a young professional fresh out of college, it’s entirely unrealistic.

Look, we're not trying to squash Lissette's dreams here, but, as people who actually make a living writing to an audience and (hopefully) entertaining a bunch of people on the Internet, it takes more work than just having some "nice engagement" on a little ol' blog. Sure, there are success stories out there of people who do it, but, man, it's a hustle.

From 2013 till about 2016, Lissette Calveiro was "doing it for the Instagram" like very few ever do. Clearly living outside of her means, Unilad even mentioned in their piece that she would "treat herself to a $200 spending spree every month and wouldn’t be seen in the same outfit twice." What?!? That's just insanity, right? Stand up if you wear the same jeans all week as long as nothing spills on them? Something tells us a bunch of people are standing right now.

Like most people commonly do, Lissette was racking up bills on credit cards, telling herself that she would just pay it off as the years went by. But, after not getting the instant fame or breakthrough she was hoping for, that bill came out to be around $10,000. The good news for the 26-year-old? She's actually paid things off by taking control and limiting her spending.

We estimated around $10,000 — though this was ‘$1-3K USD’ spread around various cards, never one $10,000 bill (that would be even scarier!).

The first step was growing my career to where I was making much more money in order to pay back debt, living UNDER my means. For example: moved to NY to live far from work, with a roommate, to have really cheap rent, cooking at home and starting a savings at the same time.

Good on her for making the change she needed to. There are lots of financial experts out there who can help with tips to pay debt off, but, until someone makes the changes on their own, it can all go for not.

Let this be a lesson for some of us. First off, becoming an Instagram star or a famous model isn't easy, it takes hard work and lots of luck. Second, know your threshold on how much you can spend. If that means staying in on a weekend and eating like a cheap college kid, so be it. Third, let's applaud Lissette Calveiro for doing what she needed to do and pay all this off. We give her props for chasing a goal of hers, but, damn, let's hope she doesn't go so far in the next time she has a big idea or career change.


Lead image via Instagram/lissettecalv.

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