7 Things That Vendella Sonia Wants You To Know

If there's a woman we've come to love, it's Instagram model and actress Vendella Sonia, who, over the course of the past year or so, we've really gotten to know better. We know, we know, it's a really tough life for us, isn't it? We won't feel too bad if you're rolling your eyes and want to curse us out for a second.

Now, one of the perks of regularly chatting with Vendella is that she can give us a bunch of dating tips, which, you know, always come in handy. After all, who better than a stunning Instagram model to give advice on how to handle the opposite sex, right? It's a topic that Vendella knows well, so it's always interesting to get her take.


However, don't be fooled by the Canadian model and actress' intimidating beauty. Sure, she steals the attention anytime she walks into a room, but she's more than just a perfect 10. That's because Vendella Sonia mixes that beauty with brains, wit and humor — and, much like the whole dating topic, is pretty damn good at it.

One of her hidden talents is making people laugh, keeping things unfiltered and real and, generally speaking, loose. She's also a big-time smartypants, having graduated from a private high school at age 15! Oh, and before modeling? No big deal, just created vaccines for Medicare. But we'll let the blonde bombshell talk more about herself, as she gave us seven things we should know about her.

  1. I’m Actually One Of Seven Children. I have three brothers and three sisters, and am the second oldest child. So, I guess you can say, that I was born a team player. My parents were athletes, so it seems like they were attempting to start their own dream team.

  2. I Graduated From An All-Girls Private High School At 15 Years Old. It wasn’t cool to be smart back then, so I used to keep it on the down low as much as possible. When some of my friends had to go to summer school, I told them my parents just didn’t believe in summer school. Really, though, I was an undercover geek; but I did roll with the popular crew. I even had my friends bring their own regular clothes so we could change out of our uniforms and visit other schools nearby. This is actually my legacy at my old school, and they still do it to this day. I guess I was a trendsetter even as a teen.

  3. I Have A Degree In Bio Chemistry And Molecular Biology. So, I’m seriously a mega-geek undercover! I used to roll into class and some of the other students would be like, are you sure you're supposed to be in this class? Needless to say, I didn’t really fit the stereotype, and the asshole in me set out to really stick it to them and ace almost every lab and exam. Sweet victory!

  4. I Am A Hopeless Romantic. I love seeing people happy and in love. Old people holding hands really does me in. I just love the idea that true love really does last forever. Man, now I’ve almost made myself vomit. I blame it on Disney and all those fairytales I read as a kid.

  5. One Of My "Flaws" Is That I Have Honesty Turrets. I say anything that comes to mind and I’m brutally honest to a fault; and it catches a lot of people off-guard. Some people find it oddly refreshing, while others seem to be startled by my brutal honest version of life. I am a positive person, though, so it’s not like I’m mean. For the most part, people don’t expect me to be real or have a personality at all. They are shocked that I can string together a coherent sentence at times! Ah, yes, the joys of being a model.

  6. I Used To Work In A Lab And Analyze Data. Before I became a model and actress, I did this for Medicare and made vaccines for various illnesses. It’s a drastic difference to what I do now, that’s for sure. I think the last time I wore a lab coat was actually when I played a scientist for a Pantene Pro-V commercial, ironically enough. I really enjoy the creative process of being a model and actress, so, needless to say, I couldn’t get too creative with my old occupation.

  7. I'm A Black Belt In Three Different Martial Arts. I actually have a real Viking sword at home, too. I’m 100% Swedish, so I’ve actually knighted seven people. Some men find it Lara Croft, Tomb Raider hot, while others feel obligated to keep themselves on my good side for fear that they might get the sword. I swear I’m pretty tame; for the most part.

Lead image via Instagram/argemiront.

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