Meet Amanda Paris, A Blonde Bombshell Who Deserves Her Millions Of Instagram Followers

We try to keep up with every single Instagram model we can by following a bunch of them and then slide into DMs with a quick message about being featured. But, unfortunately, every once in awhile, we miss a really good one. Well, thanks to one of our loyal writers, we were told about blonde bombshell Amanda Paris, who quickly became one of our new favorite Instagram models.

With over 1 million Instagram followers, Amanda Paris has proven to be quite the hot commodity. Somehow, we didn't even know about her till the aforementioned reader wrote us a convincing email, politely asking us to get with the program and write about the incredibly sexy Instagram model.


Fear not, our friends, because we're doing that today just for you. After peeping Amanda Paris on Instagram, it's clear as day why she's reached that 1 million follower plateau! With loads of pictures and videos blasted out on the regular for fans to gawk over and for people like us to fall into a deep crush — which happened in about, oh, five seconds after looking at her — Amanda always brings the good stuff.

Sexy, curvy and, seemingly, having a smile that can light up a room the second she walks into it, Amanda Paris is someone we're really excited about. So, yeah, sometimes it's best to rely on you guys as an extra set of eyes with women like this, so thanks for doing your due diligence by following a bunch of Instagram models, too — and then reporting back to us about them — because it's appreciated.

Lead image via Getty.

See more pics of the lovely Amanda Paris by scrolling down to the pictures below.