Model/Wrestler Brooke Adams Gives Tips On How To Keep A Lady Like Her Around For Good

Just a few weeks ago, we asked Instagram model and pro wrestler Brooke Adams about a few dating tips that every single dude should know. The beauty didn't hold back on her feelings, either, detailing the 10 dumbest things that a guy can do while in a relationship. Naturally, with such A+ advice from the Instagram model, we had to hit her up again to get ever more of her wisdom.

Brooke Adams was just as candid with her dating tips this time around, too, with the Instagram model making sure we know exactly what it takes to both snag (and keep) a woman like herself. So, for those who seem to be struggling with the ladies and can't help but get as many dating tips as possible — especially from someone as beautiful as Brooke — than read on and allow her to give you fellas some lessons.

FHM: In Your Opinion, What's The One Major Mistake Guys Make When Dating Women?

Brooke Adams: "Flashing your money. Money is great, but money doesn’t change your lame ass personality, guys. Plus, flashing your money usually attracts the wrong kind of women. Let a woman get to know you and, if you have it, let the money be an added bonus after she’s into you. I can tell you that, of the guys I dated who did this, they were just compensating for a whole lot of something else (if you know what i mean), their lack of depth, and crappy personality."

FHM: OK, It's A Burning Topic: Other Lady Friends. How Can A Guy Keep Them Without Making His Lady Mad?

Brooke Adams: "This one is a tough one to me. On one hand, I feel like every woman should be confident and secure enough in themselves where they don't question their man. Also, in my opinion, I don’t believe any woman should be with a man that makes them second guess what he would do with any other woman. As a man, if you have girls as friends, always make sure to introduce them to your girl and help them build a relationship with each other. Also put your girls feelings before your lady friends. Allow her to ask questions without frustrations. Not every woman is confident, and you never know their past, so always be sensitive to her needs and wants when it comes to your friends who are women."

FHM: What's "Going Too Far" When It Comes To Guys Being Friends And/Or Hanging Out With Lady Friends?

Brooke Adams: "I'm pretty secure when it comes to a relationship, but one-on-one dinners, movies or other activities with your lady friends are an absolute no no to me; that's what your girlfriend is for, guys! There needs to be things in a relationship that only you and your girl do together. I also feel that there's an appropriate time for calling and texting. One of the most annoying things is to be laying in bed with my man and his phone gets a text or call from his lady friend. At that point, I want zero sex or personal touch. I'm not trying to give my man a blow job after he just had a 20 minute text or call with his 'girl bestie.'"

FHM: How Important Is Good Sex In A Relationship?

Brooke Adams: "So many people will say good sex shouldn’t be the most amazing part of your relationship. I disagree. Of course, sex fades as we get older, but not when we are young! Good sex is the foundation to a great relationship. You’ll have great sex before you say, 'I love you.' Once you say those three words, the sex gets even better and deeper!"

FHM: During An Argument, What's The Best Approach For A Guy To Take?

Brooke Adams: "First, I can’t do the name calling and the yelling. I won’t call you a single name unless you bring it into our relationship. There are so many ways to get your point across without yelling and name calling. Do not walk out the door without a resolution! That is the most disrespectful thing a man can do. All that does is scream to me that you don't care about my feelings or the state of our relationship. The best way is to look at both sides and listen to why the other person is upset. We have two different minds we are working with here. Just because you may not agree with mine doesn’t mean you can’t understand what it is that upset me; and vice-versa. Saying 'sorry' without change and actions is just a word with zero weight. You get about two, 'I am sorry’s,' before that word is dead to me. I'm also a sucker for a man who says, 'I'm sorry that I hurt you. I never looked at it that way, and I can understand why that hurt you.'"

FHM: No One Likes A Pushover, Though, So Is Just Agreeing With A Significant Other The Best Approach?

Brooke Adams: "Hell no! The most unattractive thing in a man is a man that agrees with everything their partner says or does. I like to think I'm always right (laughs), but of course, that's definitely not the case. That is the quickest way to be 'friend zoned' is being a push over. Two people will never agree on everything, so it's OK to have your disagreements. Compromising is always best, though. Honestly, sometimes it's hot as hell to be put in my place. Plus, after a really good disagreement and a resolution is made, amazing sex happens!"

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