Model Chelsea Jordan Tells Us How Her Love For Modeling Made Photography Her No. 1 Hobby

It's not every day that an Instagram model slides into our DMs to send something nice after we write about them, but that's exactly what happened with Chelsea Jordan a few weeks ago. Not only did it catch us a little bit off-guard, but it led to us getting the chance to talk more with the brunette stunner, proving that, yep, she's even more gorgeous than any of her pics even show.

Chelsea proved that she isn't your typical gal, as the Instagram model talked to us about how the love she has for modeling has helped her find a related hobby; photography! So, in addition to turning heads with A+ sex appeal and looks that could kill, Chelsea Jordan has an artistic eye to her own pics, while also photographing other models, too!


Since we had to find out more, we were lucky enough to steal some time with Chelsea Jordan to talk more about things. Not only did she tell us why and how photography became her favorite hobby, but she also let us know her thoughts on a few things like sending dirty pics and how a guy can get her attention on Instagram. Here's a hint: Have a cute puppy and don't be a jackass.

Clearly one of the up-and-coming talents in the industry, see why Instagram model Chelsea Jordan is about to become one of your newest crushes. Well, assuming she isn't already high up on your list.

FHM: First Off, How Long Have You Been Modeling For?

Chelsea Jordan: "I've been 'modeling for about three years now. I don't love to call it modeling, solely because there are ladies out there hustling everyday on go-sees and with agencies who I feel deserve the title of a model over me. I'm just a girl who loves to link up with amazing photographers and wear fun clothes, or lack there of, and have fun while getting some awesome shots!"

FHM: As A Photographer Yourself, Are You More Critical Of The People Who Photograph You When Modeling?

Chelsea Jordan: "I hate to say it, but yes. When I have a vision going into a shoot, and I try to get the photographer to capture what I'm envisioning, the end product is still amazing, but sometimes not what I initially pictured in my head. However, I get to see a different side of a fun and unique idea through another creative eye, so thats cool!"

FHM: Both Modeling And Photography Can Be Super Sensual, What Makes Both So Sexy To You?

Chelsea Jordan: "Each model is beautiful and unique in their own way, so how can you not find that sexy? And, as for the photography side, it takes someone who really appreciates sexuality and art to create a beautiful photograph, so to me, how can you not find creating art sexy either?"

FHM: OK, We've Gotta Ask: What're Your Thoughts On Dirty Pics? Do You Ever Send Or Receive Them?

Chelsea Jordan: "Well, that escalated quickly! I think I speak for most women when I say that 90 percent of dick pics are neither wanted nor needed. That's all I'm going to say about receiving pictures. However, I think that, if you are in a relationship, sending a quick, 'see you after work' text paired with a selfie of the boobies ever so often is a great way to keep your man in check. Spicing things up are important. As for being single and sending pictures, that's on the person; but I tend to save the goods for someone who's gonna cherish them."

FHM: What Tips Would You Give A Guy For Sliding Into Your DMs? We're Sure It Happens All The Time.

Chelsea Jordan: "Just be a gentlemen. Nothing more attractive then a confident and polite man. Oh, and have a cute puppy. That always helps."

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Lead image via Instagram/_kyleanthony.