Hannah Widmer's A Horseback Ridin', Art-Lovin' Gal Who Tells Guys How To Attract More Women

Plenty of guys have issues when it comes to talking to women, so Instagram model Hannah Widmer is here to help squash some of the fears and misconceptions, making sure men approach ladies with their best effort. Of course, that can be easier said than done, but Hannah doesn't care, because it's about taking the risk and seeing it through.

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Hannah Widmer has the perfect blend of big city with a small town feel, making it easy to see why she's so down-to-earth. As someone who's just getting started in the industry, the Instagram model hopes to continue to see her career on the upswing, aiming to take part in some of the most legendary and well-known shoots on the planet — like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.


More than just an Instagram model, Hannah is currently in college and working her way towards a degree in Art Therapy. Yep, in addition to being really attractive, she does things like paint, too, which, for some reason, is kind of hot to us. Oh, and she's also an avid horseback rider, using the activity to stay in shape and to escape the day-to-day grind.

Considering she's got some experience getting hit on, Hannah Widmer was kind enough to let us know a few things about what women are really looking for with men — and we took some in-depth notes. From being confident to being witty and yourself, see what the model had to tell us below.

FHM: Name Something You Definitely Do Better than Most Men.

Hannah Widmer: (laughs) "Truthfully, I can approach men much better than most men can approach women! I would have no problem striking up a conversation with a man I was interested in. Confidence is key!"

FHM: What's A Common Myth Or Misconception About Attracting Women?

Hannah Widmer: "There's a myth that women don’t like good guys. We love good guys and we want good guys! We just don’t want men who have zero confidence or strength. We just want guys with good hearts that are well-rounded. OK, maybe a good guy with a little bit of a 'bad boy' attitude."

FHM: Tell Us A Couple Things That Might Help Men Attract Women That They're Interested In.

Hannah Widmer: "First, try to capture a woman’s attention by using your intellect. If you're witty or can challenge her mentally, that's even sexier than being the most handsome guy in the room. Guys who can make me think are always the ones that I end up choosing. If you’ve got a sense of humor and can banter with me, that’s sexy! Second, it's OK to be shy, but don’t be timid. Women are attracted to confidence, so make a bold gesture if you can. Remember, most men aren’t going to make a gesture to get noticed by a woman, so if you’re confident enough to approach her, you’re already 10 steps ahead of other guys."

FHM: Hannah, What’s Something About You That Most People Wouldn’t Know?

Hannah Widmer: "I have a really big heart, but sometimes I can come off a little hard to people. Most people wouldn’t know I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I really do."

FHM: You're In Really Great Shape, What’s Your Secret To Staying Fit?

Hannah Widmer: "I actually horseback ride regularly, and most people wouldn’t expect that to be a workout, but it absolutely is. Riding horses forces you to use all of your muscles — especially arms and legs — to maintain your posture, balance and also guide the horse. It’s an incredible workout and truly helps me stay super fit."

FHM: How Do You Handle Social Media? What Do You Love (And Hate) Most About It?

Hannah Widmer: "I try not to spend too much time worrying about how often I post on Instagram, but I focus more on sharing content I love that really shows who I am as a person and not just as an Instagram model. I love getting comments that are engaging; like when people ask me interesting questions, and talking to people through the comments. And, of course, respectful compliments always feel good and are welcomed. Any type of inappropriate or disrespectful comments will get you blocked ASAP. There are some that I can’t even say here! Obviously, anything you wouldn’t say to me in person shouldn’t be said online."

Lead image via Model Mayhem.

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