The Stunning Kourtney Reppert Tells Us What Gets Her Attention (And, No, It's Not Just Looks)

It doesn't take long to notice why Instagram model Kourtney Reppert is one of the most desired ladies on the planet. With stunning looks, a presence that can light up a room when she steps into it and unafraid to walk around confidently to showcase her sex appeal, Kourtney's got everything a man would look for in a woman.

But, don't get confused, gentlemen, because there's plenty more to Kourtney Reppert than just those physical features. In fact, if that's all you're looking for in a relationship, don't even try your luck with the model, because she's not interested. Kourtney's looking for someone with a little more substance than that — and she told us so in her own words.


While her incredible looks and hot Instagram pics have racked her up more than 756,000 followers on Instagram, it's her passion for things like volunteering and desire to impact various charities that keeps her happy. She's also in development of a mobile app for her fans looking to download exclusive content and images straight from her, helping expand her online presence and share behind-the-scenes shots from her life.

With a 2018 calendar also for sale, as well as a resume that includes modeling, acting and other endeavors that she's passionate about, it's clear that Kourtney Reppert knows what she wants and she won't stop till she gets it. That includes relationships, as the Instagram model sat down with us to spill details on what she looks for the most when it comes to guys — and what a man can do to try his luck with her.

FHM: We Know You Got Your Big Breakthrough After Being Named "Philly's Hottest Blonde," How Wild Was That?

Kourtney Reppert: "It was a cool way to wake up to, that’s for sure! I kept getting this number calling me over and over again. And, when I answered, I was still out of it, and I was like, 'Hello,' with a morning voice, and they were like, 'hey, Kourtney, you are on the air.... congrats!' It definitely woke me up, but at first I thought it was a friend playing a joke on me. It was the start of great things to come and an awesome sign from the Universe to continue this career path I was just beginning at the time."

FHM: And That Sorta Led You To Move Out To California And Pursue Modeling, Yeah?

Kourtney Reppert: "Yes, I’ve always wanted to move out to L.A., and, when I first moved out here, it wasn’t like I did so to get famous, it was to heal. Sounds weird, but I was getting over a break-up and wanted to do something really crazy with my life, like move with $1,000 to my name and two suitcases full of all that I owned. After leaving my salary job, I was ready for some adventure and knew pursuing what I loved to do was a good place to do it." 

FHM: What's The Biggest Difference Between The East Coast And West Coast In Terms Of Dating?

Kourtney Reppert: "Both are horrible; I hate to say it! Dating isn’t something I’ve done a lot of. Hard to trust people, but my mind is also focused on my career. I think that, when the time is right, that will fall into place when it’s meant to!"

FHM: OK, So If A Guy Wants To Get Your Attention, What's The Best Way To Do So?

Kourtney Reppert: "Do something really special for me. Something very unselfish. I feel like most men just want to bait a girl with dinner or flowers, but to really stand out, doing something to help me grow is what wins my heart."

FHM: Any Dating Or Boyfriend Horror Stories That Guys Should Absolutely Learn From?

Kourtney Reppert: "I went out on a date once and the guy left me at a club when I was intoxicated to go hang with his ex-girlfriend. Basically, he brought me there with him to make her jealous, and I ended up losing my passport. Needless to say, he was a jerk, and we never spoke again!"

FHM: What About Successes? What Are Some Things More Dudes Should Do To Be Successful With A Pretty Gal Like You?

Kourtney Reppert: "First of all, being a nice human is always a plus. Someone who can carry a good conversation with a good head on their shoulders is also really helpful, too. I can’t speak for all pretty women, but my looks aren’t just skin deep. I really like making a difference and growing with the people around me, and, obviously, bettering myself everyday in any which way I can. Finding a guy with that same mindset is the key to my heart, really. Someone who isn’t selfish and wants to really see me shine. I’ve been with some guys who were abusive and were jealous of me. I’ve learned from those relationships. When you can make a woman laugh, cherish her like she's special and actually prove to her that she is a priority, I’d say you're on the right track."

All images via Eric Snyder / Shandrew PR.

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