Nadia Forde Tells Us Why Her 2018 Calendar's The Hottest Thing On Paper

There are a lot of good traditions, people and other things that have come from Ireland, but want to know what our favorite one is? That'd be Instagram model, singer and actress Nadia Forde, who has absolutely stolen our hearts today with her sex appeal and charm. Want to know what else is awesome? Nadia Forde has a 2018 calendar that just got released, and we're lucky enough to have exclusive pics thanks to our friends at Lipstick Syndication. Seriously, talk about knowing the right people!

The calendar, which is available exclusively on Amazon UK, has some incredible shots, with the Instagram model and talented entertainer clearly comfortable in front of a camera. And, just as we've recently done with ladies like Lucy Pinder and Jess Impiazzi — who both gave us exclusive pics to their calendars, too — we got to chat with Nadia Forde about what makes hers just so damn hot!

FHM: Nadia, You're Absolutely Stunning, Does It Ever Get Old Hearing That?

Nadia Forde: "Oh Jesus! Well, umm, thank you so much for saying that, but I think if you saw me first thing in the morning your opinion might change."

FHM: OK, OK, So How About How A Guy Can Get Your Attention, What's The Best/Worst Thing He Can Do?

Nadia Forde: "It's such a cliche, but I love people with a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and pull the odd practical joke on people."

FHM: Let's Talk About Your 2018 Calendar: What Makes It So Damn Hot?

Nadia Forde: "Again, thank you! I worked with a female photographer named Julie Underwood on this one, and I think she captured how women like to see themselves. Women like to feel empowered and feel their best. It's part of our genetic make up, and I definitely felt that on the set."

FHM: Any Fun Stories About The Photoshoot For It?

Nadia Forde: "There was a great team working on this and we just laughed the entire day. It's not natural for me to walk around in heels and underwear; I'm normally in jeans and Converse, but everyone was so professional and made me feel so comfortable. In one set up, I'm in this red tiled shower... having a shower in front of a bunch of people looking at you while they take photos, well, you've got to try and keep it together."

Nadia Forde’s Official 2018 Calendar is available exclusively here.

All photography courtesy of Julia Underwood // Lipstick Syndication.

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