Model Sherra Michelle Describes Her Perfect Valentine's Day And Schools Us On What Gifts To Never Buy A Lady

It's crunch time, guys! With Valentine's Day just two days away we thought it best to make sure all you procrastinators out there are properly informed! The absolute last thing you want to do is upset your significant other just because you were too insensitive (read: lazy) to do a little research. So, that's where FHM comes in! Actually, no, let's not take all the credit! That's where the beautiful and talented Instagram model, Sherra Michelle comes in.

Sherra, who has been featured on the cover of Maxim, Playboy and Sports Illustrated, was kind enough to take the time to walk us through some crucial Valentine's Day pointers. Below, we cover everything from gifts and date ideas to her favorite Valentine's memories. Simply put, if you're looking for an exact play-by-play of what your February 14 should look like, Sherra's got you covered.

We know what you might be thinking, "Well, what if my girlfriend doesn't like the same things as Sherra?" Fair point, guys, but, guess what! Sherra's advice is universal and caters to all women, we promise. She emphasizes the importance of listening to your lady and really tapping into her wants and needs. OK, we'll stop stealing the spotlight now. Let's let Sherra shine!

FHM: Describe Your Perfect Valentine's Day Date.

Sherra Michelle: "My perfect Valentines date would be going somewhere fun during the day and at night dressing up, going to a really nice dinner and drinks followed by staying at a really nice hotel."

FHM: Any Advice For Guys Picking Gifts For Their Girlfriends This Year?

Sherra Michelle: "I don’t think anyone can go wrong surprising their date with flowers on Valentine’s Day. Roses are timeless and it’s the effort that counts. For a more elaborate gift, make it something special to what your girl likes. Pay attention to her and what she likes."

FHM: What's Something We Should Never Give You As A Gift?

Sherra Michelle: "You should never give a sexual experience as a gift. There should be more effort. More romance more surprise."

FHM: Would You Rather Your Boyfriend Take You To Dinner Or Make You Dinner?

Sherra Michelle: "I would rather be taken to dinner than be cooked dinner. That way we could both relax and neither of us has to clean up after."

Lead Image Via Instagram/sherramichelle

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