Meet Tala K. Monroe, A Nurse And Fitness Model Who's Here To Get You In Shape, Fellas

Anytime we can get some free fitness and nutrition tips from an Instagram model as sexy as Tala Monroe, you better bet we're going to take it. After all, in addition to the advice from Tala, we get a chance to talk to a beautiful and successful woman, so why wouldn't we take that opportunity? Yeah, it'd be pretty foolish to say no.

An up-and-coming Instagram model, Tala Monroe blends near-perfect physical traits — she's of Persian and Russian decent — with a passion like none other. Constantly striving to be a prime example of fit and healthy living (mind, body, spirit), Tala helps plenty of people reach their best selves.

Also a full-time nurse in addition to being an Instagram model, Tala Monroe completed an integrative nutrition program at New York University, which allowed her to follow that passion of helping others. As a health coach, she works with her clients to find the right balance in their lives, which is pretty cool, if you ask us.

We got the chance to ask Tala K. Monroe a few questions about herself — along with embarrassing stories from men hitting on her at the gym — so check out what the curvaceous Instagram model had to say. Something tells us her tips will be a big benefit, fellas.

FHM: We Imagine You Get Hit On All The Time At The Gym, Any Funny Stories?

Tala Monroe: "I was running on the treadmill, mid-workout, when a guy approached and made a sign he wanted to talk (I was listening to music). I was pretty confused because I was sure I wasn't over the time limit on the treadmill, and there were plenty that were free. I slowed down and he... asked me out! Guys, I was mid-run, and sweat was flying everywhere! It was pretty awkward."

FHM: What About Advice For Guys Out There: When's The Best Time To Flirt At The Gym?

Tala Monroe: "Personally, when I’m at the gym, I’m in my zone, so I tend to not focus on meeting men at the gym. That being said, if there were a perfect time to chat at the gym, I would prefer to be approached while I was stretching pre- workout as opposed to post work out."

FHM: You're Also A Nurse, What's The Reaction Of Patients When You Walk Through The Door?

Tala Monroe: "I’m extremely passionate about my patients and providing excellent bed side care is key. I’ve been asked by patients why I’m a nurse and why I didn’t choose a more desirable or glamorous occupation. I simply respond to them by saying, 'helping people is my passion.'"

Images via Tala K. Monroe's Instagram as well as That Malcontent.

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