The Most Followed Models On Instagram Are All Ladies Who We Have Major Crushes On

If there's one thing we know, it's that we all love looking at the hottest Instagram models day in and day out, making sure we get our fill of some of our favorite ladies. But, just because a woman is sexy as all hell, doesn't mean that they necessarily boast million of followers on Instagram. No, that takes someone a little bit more special than just being pretty and posting things in teeny bikinis — although, yes, that helps gather fans.

With Forbes recently release the highest-paid models in the world — with Kendall Jenner topping that list — Instagram released a list of the top-10 most followed Instagram models, and, once again, Kendall came in at No. 1 on that list, too! Talk about world domination, huh?


Anyway, while all of these models are stunning, they're also talented in other aspects of their careers and lives, too, which is why they're so desired on Instagram — and we're definitely crushing on them hard!


Lead image via Getty.

See the top-10 most followed Instagram models by scrolling to the pics below.