10 Models Tell Us Some Valentine's Day Memories, Gift Tips And The Difference Between Cheesy And Romantic

When it comes to Valentine's Day, things can get a little overwhelming. What's an appropriate gift? Is lingerie cheesy? What sort of date is best? What song should you play to set the mood? Hell, do women even like celebrating Valentine's Day?! Fortunately for you guys, all of these questions and more are about to be answered by some of our favorite Instagram models. Simply put, these women know their stuff! If you're looking to ace your Valentine's Day, you've come to the right place!

If you're single, don't you worry! There's something in here for you too! We wanted to be as inclusive as possible, of course. Even lonely hearts deserve to feel a little love on February 14, right? And really, guys, that's what this article is all about — love! Oh, and maybe a little sex too, but, hey! We're human after all.

Without further adieu, sit back, relax, actually, no, don't relax — grab a notebook and pen, please, and let these ladies school you on all things romance. Remember, guys, Valentine's Day comes but once a year, if you screw this up, your significant other will lure it over you for 365 days. Do you really want to deal with that? No, we didn't think so. Just get it right, OK? As you'll soon find out, these models make it sound like a piece of cake!

Lead Image Via Lightworx Photography

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