What Are Americans Really Doing In Bed? New Research Reveals—Pretty Much Everything You Can Imagine And Then Some

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When it comes to romantic relationships, it's true that no two are perfectly alike. Gay, straight, or otherwise—it's hard to develop a single unifying theme that applies to everyone. In contrast to that fact, intimacy is remains steadfast as one of the most important factors. This isn't to say that intimacy is solely physical. In fact, it can be both emotional and spiritual alike. For the purposes of this article however, and subsequently the supporting study, we're talking about sex, baby.

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Sexual diversity in the United States: Results from a nationally representative probability sample of adult women and men a study in the journal, Plos One Journal uncovered some pretty compelling results on what Americans are really doing behind closed doors. For example, it found—

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Seems pretty eccentric, huh? I mean it doesn't look like there's much people WON'T try. So, what's the problem? Well according to Simpatic it's pretty clear—

"The study also showed a direct correlation between interest in specific sexual activities and engaging in them. Which means that people who want to do sexually explorative things probably will at some point – which makes sense. And if you’re single, that’s fine. There are any number of ways and places to meet people who share your interests. But the findings underscore the need for couples to be on the same page when it comes to sexual appetites and interests. People want to do things that interest and excite them and, the research shows, they will. So finding ways to make those interests part of a relationship – not apart from it – is important."

Identifying the problem is key, but as with anything on the internet we're looking for a solution, no? Well, don't get your panties in a bunch just yet! Simpatic has that too—

"Of course, every counselor in the world will say communication is the key – to talk about it. And couples should. But that’s not easy. Those conversations are filled with relationship, judgment and insecurity issues. Fortunately, there are other options. Simpatic.us is one. If you’re not familiar with it, simpatic.us lets couples find out what sexual interests they share without having to share anything. So, if one partner is into spanking, for example, and the other is not, that interest stays private. It’s the modern way to address a recurring relationship challenge."

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