Here's What Investing $1,000 In Netflix A Decade Ago (Among Other Popular Stocks) Would Look Like Today

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Before we get into all of this return investment banter, we'd like to be the first ones to admit that, hot damn! We really wish we knew more about finance. Sure, we're aware of the basic here and there (like balancing a checkbook), but knowledge of the stock market really is power. There's a sh-t ton of money to be made, guys! If you have any friends on Wall Street, hit them up! Don't ask too many questions though, we're not going to be responsible for any insider trading BS. White collar crime is still crime, y'all.

HowMuch.net decided to create a little thought experiment that's both informative and infuriating. Informative, because we now realize we should be investing in stock immediately and infuriating, because had we done so 10 years ago, we wouldn't be pinching pennies quite as hard today (depending on the stock). HowMuch.net details:

"Suppose you had $15,000 to invest evenly in fifteen different companies back before the Great Recession. Then you let it ride through the market’s downturn, holding your investment instead of selling anything. How much would you have today?"

Again, the figures you're about to see are going to piss you off! Channel that regret into some profits, will you please? It's never too late to learn how to invest. There's plenty of apps out there that will basically do the work for you.

Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks are looking mighty fine from where were standing. Those are some nice freakin' return investments. Hell, they're a lot better than any crappy tax return we've ever received. To be honest, every company with the exception of GE would be a pleasant influx of cash. Even the Pfizer return investment would cover a decent month's rent in a major metropolitan area, that's good enough for us!

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