The iPhone 8 Will Be The Most Expensive Phone In Apple History To Repair (Oh, Great)

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The iPhone 8 )has been on the market a little over three days now and if you're still on the fence about purchasing one, don't fret. We've got everything you need to know right here — from design and specs to features and amenities, use this as your ultimate user guide.


While we'd love to sit here and say it looks like crap...quite the opposite, I'm afraid. It actually looks pretty darn stunning, at least on the website. Speaking of, let's hop to it. We've pulled some pertinent information from Apple directly so y'all aren't bothered with having to skim it for yourselves. Naturally, the longer the phone has been on the market, the more information will be made available by users, reviewers, and Apple as a company. So, expect updates in the coming weeks y'all!



"Apple gives users two screen replacements and two miscellaneous damage incidents at the $29 and $99 price respectively. After that point, the damage price jumps to $349 for the iPhone 8, and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus. So basically, don't crack your phone's glass or else you're going to be dishing out lots of cash. AppleCare+ costs $129 for the iPhone 8 and $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus."

When Does It Hit Stores?

All in all we're pleasantly surprised with what we're seeing from Apple. Granted, we have yet to physically get our hands on one, but for now, we're still 100% committed to team iPhone and yes, $799 IS a lot of money, but really? We could blow that in a month on Jägerbomb from seedy bars and the crappy pizza we end up eating afterward. It's an investment and again, from the looks of it, a really great one.

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