Could This Be What The iPhone 8 Actually Looks Like? It Just Might Be

Image via Computer Bild

Now that Samsung has officially unveiled its most recent mobile phone, the S8 and S8+, which will go on sale April 21st, the attention is squarely back on the Apple iPhone 8, which has an expected launch date sometime this September.

Over the past few months, we've given you tons of updates, leaked images, specs and plenty of other details about the iPhone 8—which may not even have that name, as rumors continue to swirl that it may be called something like the “iPhone Edition" or “iPhone X”.

Whatever it ends up being called, millions of people will flock to scoop one up for themselves, looking forward to the updated features and sleek design and functionality that Apple will undoubtedly include.

But, what will it look like? A German tech blog called Computer Bild takes a stab at that very topic, with a well-known graphic designer named Martin Hajek drawing a few renditions of the iPhone that's been floating around in his mind based off of rumored details.

As we previously pointed out, leaked info has hinted at some super expensive features that Apple is, allegedly, planning for the iPhone 8, with things like wireless charging, a new 5.8-inch model, a glass unibody chassis, brighter, thinner and more efficient OLED panels, and the removal of the iPhone’s iconic home button. Based off of that, you can see how Hajek's drawings reflect that data.

Of course, we have absolutely no idea if these renditions are anything close to what Apple has in mind for the next iPhone, but, as with any unreleased gadget, it's fun to speculate and think about how it might look.

With Samsung's S8 and S8+ on our minds—and the next highly-anticipated cell phone release being the Apple iPhone 8 not until September—expect a lot more leaks and speculation.


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