Turns Out, If You Bite A Smartphone Battery It Will Explode — In Your Face (Video)

Image via YouTube

Nothing like a good iPhone battery explosion to turn an otherwise boring existence into a boom of excitement. Actually, no, what the hell, people? Have we become so consumed by technology nowadays that we're going to start eating it? Because if that's the case, we're out. Have you seen an episode of Black Mirror? We know where this thing is headed and it's not looking good. Dramatics aside, this footage of a unidentified man in China chomping down on an iPhone battery is pretty compelling for a number of reasons.

For starters, should people really have access to something that explodes so easily? Granted, this was a grown man, but children are known to, well, bite things at random. What if it were an infant? Seems like a design flaw, if you ask us. Secondly, had Apple not messed with customers by intentionally slowing down older phones, perhaps this halfwit wouldn't have found himself buying a new battery at an electronic store. When in doubt, blame Apple, right?

Vice reports that the motive for biting the iPhone battery remains unclear. Frankly, we can't think of a single valid reason. Perhaps the man knew it was going to explode and was trying to inflict harm on other customers? That seems like an awfully complicated explanation for one person's sheer stupidity, though, so we'll steer clear from that!

The most likely scenario is just that — stupidity. No need to overcomplicate an otherwise ridiculous situation. We hate to reiterate this last point, but, we will, for good measure: do not put electronics, of any kind, in your mouth.

Lead Image via YouTube/Top Life 2020

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