Here's What It Really Costs Apple To Make The iPhone X (Hint: It's Actually Affordable)

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With so much buzz surrounding the iPhone X, it's only natural that consumers would wonder how much it costs to make the darn thing! We mean, c'mon, with a price tag of nearly a thousand dollars, users have every right to hit Google with their BOM (bill of materials) inquiries. After all, Apple is notorious for grossly inflating the cost of their products, we can all remember how infuriated we were after the truth about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 came out. As you can imagine, the iPhone X is much, much worse.

Reports from the IHS Markit Teardown following their dissection of the iPhone x showed that the model A1865 of the smartphone with 64 gigabytes (GB) of NAND memory has a BOM of $370.25. We're going to let you guys process that for a second. In the event you're currently holding an iPhone X, we recommend that you don't throw it across the room, despite how strong the urge. According to Yahoo Finance:

“Typically, Apple utilizes a staggered pricing strategy between various models to give consumers a tradeoff between larger and smaller displays and standard and high-density storage,” said Wayne Lam, principal analyst for mobile devices and networks at IHS Markit. “With the iPhone X, however, Apple appears to have set an aspirational starting price that suggests its flagship is intended for an even more premium class of smartphones.”

While we understand that half-baked logic to an extent, it seems like a smoke in mirrors type situation. We were under the impression that all Apple phones were in a premium class. Why now is the company limiting cheaper alternatives? People want the best of the best, but do they have to break the bank to afford it? Apple seems to think so and given the success of the launch earlier this month, they're right! The people have spoken and it seems inflation is A-OK.

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