Ireland Baldwin Stripped Down And Rolled Around On The Beach To Help Countdown The Days Till Christmas

Image via YouTube/LOVE Magazine

OK, so this is really getting out of control at this point—and we still have plenty of days left until Christmas is even here!

As we've told you a few times already, LOVE magazine teamed up with a bunch of sexy women to help countdown the days till Christmas in a YouTube advent calendar, which, at this point, might be all any of really need to survive the holidays.

With Day 3 showing off Rita Ora's jingle bells, Day 4 featured Ireland Baldwin topless, rolling around on the beach. Enjoy!


The 21-year-old Ireland was directed to do such wonderful things by Doug Inglish, who deserves an award for how incredibly hot this entire video is.

You can see the entire first four days of LOVE magazine's advent calendar on their YouTube channel—and there's plenty more where these came from.

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