Irina Shayk Welcomes The Holiday Season With Sexy 'LOVE Magazine' Video

The holidays are a great time of year regardless, but, one of our favorite things, is the annual LOVE magazine advent calendar, which showcases some of the sexiest women on the planet helping all of us get into the giving spirit in some incredible ways. And, naturally, this year's version seems to be all about doing the same thing, as model Irina Shayk kicked things off with a cleavage-filled reenactment of the legendary pottery scene from the movie Ghost — and, trust us, it's a hell of a lot more iconic this time around.

Irina Shayk, Victoria's Secret model and brunette bombshell extraordinaire, absolutely stuns in the video, looks as sultry as possible while flashing those piercing eyes of hers straight into the camera. We know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but, damn, if this doesn't get you in the mood for the holidays, we don't know what will! Just take a look.

As you might imagine, Irina Shayk's video is certainly something that's here to heat us up. Forget this cold weather, man, because this thing is necessary as we sit here in a freezing office with a scarf on as we write this. Thankfully, Irina's here to rescue us with the first of many LOVE magazine advent calendar videos, which will see more released as the holidays get even closer.

Outside of just her LOVE magazine video, we figured it'd be a good thing to give you some other photos of Irina, too — but only because we like you. From where we're sitting, we could never possibly determine which pictures of Irina were best. Hell, we'll take them all, but we did our best to try and narrow down the ones we liked most.

Now, without any more interruptions, go ahead and indulge in some beauty in the form of Irina Shayk, we think that you guys deserve it.

Lead image via Getty.

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