Why 'Black Mirror' Is The Only Show You Should Ever Binge On Netflix

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Is Black Mirror scary? Is Black Mirror funny? Is Black Mirror good? Yes, yes, and no. Black Mirror isn't just good, it's easily the best television series I've ever seen, safe for Breaking Bad. Which, ladies and gentleman, is why we're here today. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews ever since season 4 dropped and I'd just like to clear the air. If you can take the time out of your life to watch F'in Grace and Frankie, you can take the time to watch Black Mirror.

I recognize that those are very polarizing examples, but, hear me out: BM is more than just a show, it's a conversation. Even if the plot is so completely removed from own life, I promise, there will be a single aspect that ties in the human experience of 2018 so eloquently that you will literally feel your brain cells tingling.

To clarify, I realize that last statement made me sound like someone who takes LSD regularly and has been to Burning Man more than once, but, quite the contrary, my friends. The show really is just that good. Naturally, my opinion alone isn't going to be enough to sway a binge-watch of 4 season, but perhaps by providing a few more solid reasons, you'll jump on the Black Mirror bandwagon before season 5 starts.

It's Nostalgic, Modern, And Futuristic All At Once


The concept of time in Black Mirror isn't always linear. Episodes like, "San Junipero" and "White Christmas", for example, will make you feel nostalgic. Where as "Nosedive" and "Most Hated in the Nation" hit a little too close to 2018 for comfort. Of course, there's some episodes that are highly-futuristic, like "15 Million Merits" and "The Entire History of You". This constant change in timeline allows for a different viewer experience each time. The best is when an episode includes all three! Which, if I had to pinpoint, would be Emmy award winner, "San Junipero".

The Episodes Are Unrelated And The Cast Is Never The Same


My favorite aspect of Black Mirror is the fact that every episode is different! Do you know how refreshing that is? In a world where people rewatch the same season of The Office until they're blue in the face, it's incredible to see a show with no consistent story arch (from episode to episode) do as well as BM does. In addition to the episodes being stand-alone, the actors are never the same either. It's best to look at each episode as its own drama before beginning the series. Once you've accepted that, you'll be less confused. Spoiler: you will notice certain actors pop up more than once, but never as the same character.

The Easter Eggs


While Black Mirror doesn't follow a conventional episodic style of television in either plot or characters, there are some Easter eggs that connect the episodes. In my experience, half the fun of watching came from trying to figure out how these seemingly different universes, time periods, and worlds somehow related, if at all. If you're looking for clues, you won't find them here! My advice? Be observant! Listen to the music, be aware of the buildings, focus on the tech — do that and you'll be hunting all of the Easter eggs in no time.

It Will Force You To Look At The World Differently


Are you worried that I'm suggesting a Netflix series will somehow change your world view? Because that's exactly what I'm doing. Black Mirror isn't just entertainment, remember? It's a conversation, and beyond that, a social commentary. The reason it scares people is because they see the world, this world going in a similar direction. The reason is makes people cry or laugh is because despite the techno-paranoia, it's still human!

If I haven't convinced you to watch Black Mirror by now, then I give up! Actually, no, let me break out one last statistic for you guys — studies have shown that men who watch BM are considered 75% more attractive than those who don't. That's not entirely true, but, just watch the damn show, please!

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