Turns Out, Premium Fuel Is A Scam (And We Want Our Money Back)

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The average person who isn't car savvy may find themselves wondering, "Is premium fuel worth it?" Sometimes your car salesman (or nosey father) will insist that's what you should use. Turns out, unless you're rocking a seriously luxury ride, á la a supercar, premium fuel is a total waste of money. We repeat: unless you've got a Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other car of the like, stop putting premium fuel in your car. Simply put, the juice isn't worth the squeeze, guys.

Admittedly, we're not car experts, sometimes it's important to bring in the big guns for a little extra support and who better than the the American Automobile Association? According to their research, premium gasoline offers some benefit to select vehicles (as mentioned above) but it has become exceedingly expensive for drivers. In the past few years, the price gap between premium and regular has jumped from 10 percent to 25 percent more a gallon.

OK, let's break that down a little bit, shall we? The fact that the automobile industry has not made this fact completely mainstream is a little ridiculous. 25 percent more a gallon makes a huge difference and the fact that some of us have been paying for premium fuel under the pretenses it was beneficial, well, that sucks. AAA continued:

"While past AAA research has shown no benefit in using premium gasoline in a vehicle designed to operate on regular fuel, new testing indicates that some vehicles – those that recommend, but do not require premium gasoline – may see increased fuel economy and performance under certain driving conditions when using the higher-octane gasoline.

Unfortunately, the high cost of premium gasoline may outweigh that advantage for many drivers. As a result, AAA recommends drivers weigh the potential benefits against the cost of using premium gasoline, if their vehicle does not require it."

As we mentioned earlier, it's common for people to give their two cents about your car when they aren't qualified to do so. Just because someone recommends that you use premium fuel, does not suggest that your car absolutely requires it. Consequently, AAA found that that drivers wasted an almost $2.1 billion dollars by fueling cars that neither recommend or require premium.

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