Nintendo Producer Solves The Infamous Toad Mystery: Is That A Hat Or His Head?

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Any person, man, woman, or child who has played "Super Mario Bros." at some point in their life has wondered, "Is Toad wearing a hat?" If anything, it's easily the greatest mystery any video game franchise has ever seen! As with all mysteries, especially those that have a cult following, people get pretty damn heated about it. That said, we'd like to go ahead and totally declare that we're #TeamHat. No matter what this Nintendo producer says, you can't convince us that poor Toad's head actually looks like that! Why? Because it makes no sense. Toad isn't a mushroom! That's been confirmed. So, why exactly would he have a mushroom head. It just makes no sense, but, hey! We digress.

Below, Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer for "Super Mario Odyssey" solves the Toad dilemma as well as addressing a number of other Nintendo mysteries that have irked players across the globes for decades (and decades). It's a good day for gamers, guys!

OK, OK, back TF up — you've got to be kidding with that answer. Koizumi clearly states that Toad's head is, in fact, his head and not a hat, but then, he gets all elusive. "I'm going to leave to all of you to figure out how it works," Koizumi says. "Maybe there's something inside." Why even bring that up, man? Isn't it bad enough you confused the hell out of #TeamHat people, ourselves included, everywhere?

Upon doing some further investigation, we came across this video posted to YouTube three years back titled, "4 Things You Didn't Know About Toad". In the video, there's a short clip that shows Toad taking off "his head" and using it as a parachute. We bring you Exhibit A:

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Explain that Mr. Koizumi! To be fair, that clip appears to be from a television show, rather than a video game, but, come on, where's the consistency, people? We suppose for now that we'll take the producer's word for it.

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