Is Tori Black And Dave Bautista’s New Film Bonkers Or Incredible? Take Our Poll

Danny Trejo and Mischa Barton are also on board, so give the trailer a watch, right now...

Ok, so if you can tell us what’s going on in the trailer for L.A Slasher we’ll send you The Best Of Tori Black in the post*...

Basically, it looks like a satire on reality TV in which a serial killer in a black wig and white suit is tracking down TV’s biggest stars and introducing them to the pointy end of his/her knife. Other than that, we haven't got a clue.

Mischa Barton (The O.C) crops up looking scared, while new Bond villain and machete-wielding action star Danny Trejo shares a brief look of world-weary cynicism.

Obviously, though, we’re excited about the appearance of Tori Black, who is apparently a porn star or something (ask your mum). Judging by the trailer, it looks like she has a considerable role.

Anyway, the whole thing looks bonkers and destined for the ASDA bargain bin. Either that or it’ll be unexpected Oscars all round.

What do you reckon?

*this is a fib.

L.A Slasher is released on 26 June. A UK release date is TBC

Image: Facebook / L.A. Slasher