These Brutal Wrestling Stunts Gone Wrong Will Make You Think The WWE Is 100% Real

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The debate over whether wrestling federations like the WWE are fake or not has been going on for ages. These days, most people know that, yes, it's fake. Surely all the soap opera-esque storylines give that away. But although wrestling is scripted, like reality TV, there are still moments of harsh, bleak realness beaming through, especially when it comes to the daring stunts they do. Although competitors are all trained professionals, mistakes happen and sometimes things don't go as planned.

Over the years, there've been smashed noses, broken necks, dislocated shoulders, and even a death that took place on the WWE stage — and they were all 100 percent brutally real. Watch the video to see three wrestling stunts that went horrifically wrong.

Although it's funny to snicker at all the ridiculous wrestlers accidentally slamming their opponents around too hard, probably the biggest WWE blunder of all time is nothing to laugh about. In 1999, Owen Hart fell to his death in an accident gone tragically wrong. During a pre-match stunt, Owen was supposed to descend from the rafters, but his harness wasn't attached properly. He pummeled from the ceiling to his death in front of millions in the arena and even more watching live at home. However, many fans thought it was scripted, probably because WWE continued with the show and didn't even notify viewers what happened.

WWE drew tons of criticism after the incident, with Owen's widow even suing the wrestling federation, which was settled out of court. The whole thing was tragic, but it did inadvertently prove one thing: although wrestling is fake, it's still a very dangerous sport.

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