Iskra Lawrence Flashes Her Curves In Stunning Bikini Pics (And Man, We Miss Summer)

Goodness gracious — is Iskra Lawrence an angel sent down from heaven or what!? Because hot damn, it sure does look like it. What? Y'all aren't fan of cornball lines like that? Suit yourselves! We'll stick to what we know works on the ladies, thank you very much.

Boasting 3.8 million Instagram followers, Iskra has both professionally and personally become the face (and figure) of a beautifully inclusive movement. She advocates for all things female power — especially when it comes to women embracing themselves at any size! Why? Because believe it or not, Lawrence is considered a plus-size model. WTF, we know!

She's a body confidence crusader and we love her for it. Iskra has been quoted on numerous occasions belting out some pretty inspiring stuff and while we know you guys are some super masculine dudes, everyone can be negatively effected by their insecurities. Remember, while it's far more difficult to achieve self-love, it's worth it! Iskra said:

"When I was younger, I would look in that mirror every single day and hate what I saw. Why don't I have a thigh gap? More pimples? Are you kidding me? I hate myself. And that's so sad because I can't get those years back of self-loathing, calorie obsession, and jealousy."

Hear that, guys?! Rock out with your...body positivity! Of course, without further adieu it's time to take a look at Iskra's most recent pictures. Fair warning, they're untouched — OMG, gasp! Turns out, women can be beautiful just as they are. Novel concept, we know!

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