Iskra Lawrence Celebrates 3.5 Million Instagram Followers With A Sexy, Hip-Shaking Dance

It's Monday, which usually means there's not much to celebrate. Lucky for us, though, Iskra Lawrence, the sexy 26-year-old model, doesn't let the first day of a new work week bring her down.

As if any of us needed proof of that, Iskra took to her Instagram account to reward herself—and her followers—on reaching the 3.5 million plateau, which, personally speaking, is quite the accomplishment. And, considering she busted into a sexy, hip-shaking, lingerie-wearing dance to show her appreciation, it only made things that much better.

Now, we've seen women do this before, but, c'mon, who does it better than Iskra Lawrence does? Oh, that's right, no one!

It's funny how different people acknowledge an accomplishment, isn't it? Like, when we're proud of doing something, we usually just pop open a cheap beer, toast a couple buddies and down it as fast as we can. Then again, we're not a model like Iskra Lawrence who has sex appeal to show-off.

Since Iskra does it best, here are some more pics to adore—which is never a bad thing to do.

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