'It Comes At Night' Looks Like It's Going To Be The Most Sh*t Your Pants Horror Film Of The Year

Image Via YouTube/A24

I'm not a huge fan of just straight up horror films. I like scary, don't get me wrong, but it needs to have a plot—a purpose, something more humane than just here's some blood and guts and a riveting, albeit haunting score. Bing, bam, boom, thanks for your 15 dollars, now here's your movie ticket and you'll find the overpriced snacks to your left. No thanks! In a time of Netflix and HBOgo, I'm not hitting the actual box office for just anything.

I guess the type of film I'm actually describing are called psychological thrillers and while It Comes At Night hasn't been categorized as such, I can just tell that it's going to be one of those movies. I'm definitely going to be scared shitless, but I'm also going to be intrigued. That's the key nowadays! It's hard to just scare people, I mean, look at who the president is. We need more, more, more.


According to The IMDb page, It Comes At Night was both written and directed by Tony Edward Shults —"secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put to test when a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge." The film will be starring Joel Edgerton, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Carmen Ejogo, and Christopher Abbott.

The cast may not pack the same heavy-hitter punches as other horror films to be debuted this year, but sometimes that's a good thing. I've come to discover that a film of any genre with a cast that's too good to be true, well, is usually too good to be true. See for yourself, with the lights on, and maybe a friend/loved-one nearby:

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