Chiara Nasti, Italian Fashion Blogger, Hilariously Printed Her Haters' Comments On Toilet Paper

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Chiara Nasti is no ordinary woman, so why would her response to her internet trolls be any different? Sure, she could have taken the higher road, or even commented back something nasty like some internet personalities have been known to do, but she had a better idea. A much better idea. Some would even call it a "dirtier" idea.

With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, the 19-year-old Italian fashion blogger (and bombshell, might we add) posted the picture below to her social media platform.

As her caption she wrote, “Pulirsi in modo decente #forhaters” which is Italian for, “Clean yourself with decency,” along with the infamous poop emoji.

Kudos to Chiara for showing her haters who's the boss and not feeding into the bullying. It's an important message for people everywhere to acknowledge!

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