This Mayo Bellyflop Contest That Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Created Is A Disgusting, Tailgating Hellscape

Image Via Twitter/godhatesjags

Just when we all thought that Buffalo Bills fans, otherwise known as Bills Mafia were the most raucous and outlandish NFL fans around, the Jacksonville Jaguars supporters busted down the door to remind us that, yeah, they like to party hard, too!

While being a complete and total asshat in the name of team pride is part of being a diehard sports fan, a few Jacksonville Jaguar fans have simply taken sh-t too far. Sorry, but we kind of draw the damn line at condiment-bellyflopping — especially freakin' Mayo! C'mon, you couldn't have gone with something less resembling the male seed?

Just look how absolutely disgusting this looks.

The only benefit we see from this serial-killer like behavior is the fact that mayo actually makes a pretty kick-ass hair conditioner. It leaves your locks silky smooth and smelling like a Elementary School cafeteria. Don't ask us why we know that, you don't want to know. As with all things on the Internet, there was more than one video captured.

Take a look at the second and be sure to peep the caption!

Mayo is simply not an aesthetically pleasing shmear — the truth hurts, get over it. Our issue beyond just the mayo itself, is the temperature of the mayo. Between the glaring sunshine and grotesque body heat, the mayo had to be boiling. Hold on, we're taking turns gagging.

Just goes to show that no matter how swanky a collegiate institution you attend, you're just as lucky to find yourself in completely trashy situations well-past the age that it's appropriate.


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