These Actors Were Almost Cast As Bond. James Bond.

Who's your particular James Bond 007? Seriously, when you think of James Bond movies, which actor comes to mind? Much of it probably has to do with when you were introduced to Bond films in the first place; that actor, whoever it may be, is likely the one you're most in favor of. What's hard to believe now, with Bond 25 scheduled to hit theaters next November, is that there was a time when the character was an unknown quantity. People may have been familiar with him from Ian Fleming's novels, but that was it. That all changed in 1962 when Sean Connery identified himself for the first time as "Bond. James Bond" in Dr. No and movie history was made.

So far, there have been six James Bond actors (seven if you count Barry Nelson in a 1955 live TV production of Casino Royale), with Connery starring in a total of six official Bond films (plus the unofficial Never Say Never Again), George Lazenby taking on one, Roger Moore seven, Timothy Dalton two, Pierce Brosnan four, and Daniel Craig getting ready to start his fifth. Each of them have become a part of the legacy of 007, but there are so many more who auditioned for the part and came really close to getting it. This is a look at some of the men over the years who hoped they would have a chance to play the one and only character, and a few may just surprise you.