NFL Linebacker James Harrison Has The Beastliest Workout I've Ever Seen (And He's 39 Years Old)

Image via Instagram

So here's the thing about Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison: the man is an absolute freak of nature.

That's not to come off as a negative. In fact, far from it—and, even at 39 years old, the dude is continuing to kill it!

While most people his age are taking out the garbage, running the kids around to track practices in the minivan and getting their exercise by walking around the block every so often, the five-time Pro Bowler and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year is crushing it at the gym—and he proved it once again today on Instagram.

Take a peek at these two ridiculous exercises that Harrison did to, you know, celebrate his final birthday in his thirties.

See, like I said above, James Harrison is a freak of nature!

This isn't the first time we've seen a popular athlete/entertainer go H.A.M. in the weight room on his birthday, with wrestler/actor John Cena doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago, deadlifting an insane 600 pounds to get a workout in.

Cena's feat is impressive and all, but, shit, did you see what James Harrison was doing? There are probably few men on planet earth who could even come close to doing that—and neither you nor I are one of them.

Let's not forget that Harrison was also "retired" at one point just a few years ago, with NFL teams ignoring him because he was "too old." Look who's getting the last laugh now, because I'm sure there are some squads out there who'd love to have this dude on their roster.

Oh well, guess they'll just have to keep kicking themselves for doubting James Harrison.

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