NFL Linebacker, James Harrison, Drops $300,000 A Year On His Fitness Regime (Chump Change, Amirite?)

Image Via ESPN

I'm a firm believer that if you spend the better-half of your life working your ass off at something, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors however you see fit, but $300,000 on a fitness routine?! What in the fresh hell is that all about? I can think of a million other things I'd rather drop that sort of cheddar on. Then again, I'm a mere mortal. My job isn't dependent on my physique, in fact, I could pretty much spend the rest of my career sitting down, getting lazier and fatter by the minute without a single-ounce of hindrance to my performance. So long as my fingers can type, I'm golden. James Harrison? Eh, not so much. According to ESPN:

"Fighting age with money can strengthen job security in the NFL, which often eschews capable free agents for cheaper rookies. More than 150 free agents are unsigned as of late July. The NFL saw its average age dip 0.6 years (27.2 to 26.6) from 2006 to 2015."

If anything, professional athletes like Harrison experience the very stigma models and actresses over the age of 40 experience every day. You're a product and in order to produce, you don't have to be a young man, but you better look, feel, and move like one. That's obviously no easy feat! Money can only do so much in combatting the laws of freakin' nature....or can it?? ESPN continued—


"For his muscles to handle the lifting sessions and the NFL grind, Harrison says he needs an acupuncturist, a dry needlist, three massage therapists, two chiropractors and 'a person who does cupping.' But Harrison, 39, doesn't surf the net and read reviews like the rest of us. He goes underground for the most exclusive specialists.'The people I use right now, you can't find none of them on Google,' Harrison said. That's where the $300,000 comes into play. Once he heard about these elite technicians and tried their services, he had to put them on the payroll. They are based in different parts of the country, including California and New York, so he pays their airfare and expenses to get them to town when he needs them. 'I see everybody at least once a week," Harrison said."

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