Meet Janina Gavankar, The Voice Behind Some Kickass Video Game Characters And A Serious Stunner

Afternoon Gents! It's a great day because A) Friday and B) we get to introduce you to someone new. Well, not new per say, but perhaps someone you're not aware of — despite the fact you really, really should be. Janina Gavankar is the voice behind some pretty kickass video game characters. Including, Star Wars: Battlefront II which comes out on November 17, 2017. Currently, she has 83.1k Instagram followers. Ya'll better hop to it and hit her with that follow before the number increases! In an interview with UPROXXX she talks a little bit about the highly-anticipated video game —

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"What was it like to see the final version of the character that they captured?"

"Gavankar: A new photo just came out two days ago. I flipped my shit! It was the sneer and like the eyebrow raise and I don’t even know what she’s looking at in the sky, but she is, that is an Imperial lady. She’s a focused, well trained soldier. The first time I saw anything was the celebration trailer. And even when I show that to people that know me very well now, they still gasp audibly. Even if they watch it on my iPhone, because trust me, I’m showing everybody the trailer as much as possible, even when they don’t ask, it’s like in their face immediately. 'Hey, have you seen this? Let me just show you.' They still gasp. The technology is so advanced now that Uncanny Valley has been hopped over."

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely pretty darn smitten with Janina. I mean, c'mon, she voices a Star Wars video game! Does it really get any better than that?! I don't think so my friends, I just don't think so.

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