Jealous Boyfriend Arrested After Smashing His Girlfriend's Sex Toy Over Its Better Performance

Image via The Sun // Darren Fletcher Photography

Look, no guy ever wants to be second fiddle to anyone or, in this case, anything that may get his lady off better than he can. But taking things to an extreme level isn't recommended.

Unfortunately, a 33-year-old British man named Rich Moore didn't think that through, because he was arrested after destroying his now ex-girlfriend's vibrator because, "she loved the dildo more than me," per The Sun.

He told The Sun: “I was fed up.

“She moved another fella in pretty much straight away after I paid for her to go on holiday to Lanzarote.

“I’ve gone to get my stuff and I came across the glasses and smashed them. Then I found the dildo and I just ripped it up. It was one of those bullet ones.

“She loved the dildo more than me, that’s why I got the hump with it. I bought it, it cost me £30 ($36).”

Seeing what this guy did to a little piece of plastic/metal, it's a good thing his ex didn't go and cheat on him, because who knows what he may have done for revenge, right?

The couple, who had been together for seven years, are now trying to settle things in court—which seems ridiculous to Rich, who gave an amazing reply when asked about the incident.

“I told the police I had broken the dildo and offered to pay for it to save us all going to court but they weren’t having it.

“I wanted to go to court with a T-shirt saying 'Save The Dildos,' but I decided it was probably best not to.”

Wait, this guy admitted that wearing a t-shirt saying "Save The Dildos" wasn't smart, but it was smart to smash up his ex's vibrator? Where was this sense of consciousness before breaking the sex toy?

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