Jean-Claude Van Damme Just Released Some Badass Emojis That Will Show You're A Real Tough Guy

Images via Automatik

We all know actor Jean-Claude Van Damme to be one tough S.O.B., so it's only fitting that he allows us to try and vicariously live through him thanks to some emojis that he just released today.

Collaborating with a company called Automatik, the action star unveiled his "VanDammemoji" for the world to see, so, yeah, you may want to download these things to show your friends and family that you're a real badass.

Available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, Van Damme's emojis include over 160 emojis modeled after his enthusiasm for physical fitness and creativity, with the designs giving fans an animated Van Damme from some of his iconic expressions and mannerisms.

Here's what the man himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme, said about the emojis, via FHM's PR contact.

"The emojis were a lot of fun to work on and I think they kick ass! The true goal is for the fans to enjoy them."

And this is what Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, a partner at Automatik, had to say about the collaboration with Van Damme, via the press release.

“I have been a fan of JCVD since childhood, so this collaboration is a honor.“ says Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, partner at Automatik. “Our number one goal was to ensure that the detail of every emoji, particularly his facial and body resemblance, as well as the reconstruction of his moves, was flawless. We’re extremely fortunate to work with some of the best creatives in the business to develop the emojis for Jean-Claude. The design is great and we’re equally excited that the entire keyboard offers expressions that fans and users will find convenient and exciting to use in everyday conversation. In 2017, Automatik will be partnering on additional celebrity-driven collaborations and we’re excited by the range of creative opportunities.”

The idea behind the VanDammemoji is to inspire, motivate and commit people to accomplish their New Year's resolutions, so who better than an animated Jean-Claude Van Damme to do just that?

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