Meet This Fitness Model Who Went From Overweight And Unhealthy To Absolutely Stunning

When it comes to society and pressures they place on women to be thin, we're not fans. We believe that a woman should be comfortable in whatever skin she's in. However, if she chooses to make a lifestyle change because she's unhealthy, then all the more power to her. If that transformation results in her being a sexy as hell fitness model, even better!

With that, meet Jelly Devote (real name, Asa English) a 26-year-old Swedish fitness model who decided it was time to turn her life around by cutting out processed foods and alcohol. In an interview with The Sun, Devote said:

“I ended up weighing in about 70kgs (154 pounds) and was very unhealthy. I had an unhealthy life in general. I stopped with alcohol and started to cook my food instead, so I always made sure I ate healthy. I went to the gym and now I am lighter and happy and healthy. I now work with my biggest passion, which is fitness.I get to inspire and help others to be the best version of them self. And thanks to this job I can travel the world and I have experienced and grown so much from this experience.”

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Lead Image via Instagram/jellydevote

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