Jen Selter Reveals The Secrets Behind Her Famous Derrière And The Results Speak For Themselves

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why men absolutely adore model and fitness guru, Jen Selter, but, here's a hint, just in case — she's business-savvy, humble, and absolutely easy on the eyes. We weren't kidding around in the headline, y'all. She's got the most famous butt on Instagram, hands down! Of course, that's not the only reason we give Jen attention, but, we'd be lying it wasn't a strong part of the equation and we'd venture to say her 11.7 million Instagram followers would agree.

Hailing from Long Island, the 24-year-old brunette bombshell has a killer figure, making both men and women alike swoon over everything she posts. We mean, come on, could you imagine how distracted you'd get at the gym if she was working out across the room. Of course, you never bother a lady at the gym, we're just saying! As with most hot Instagram models, there's always going to be a handful of haters and Jen definitely has hers! A lot of folks seem to think Jen's A+ backside is fake. Turns out, quite the contrary, guys! She works hard for that rump. So, what's her secret? Speaking with the Daily Star Jen reveals that's she's always been interested in health and fitness:

"I started working out at a young age and I’ve always had a huge interest in fitness and really focus on key glute isolation movements. I also believe that moderation is key, it is important to treat yourself to cheat meals. P.S. I can’t go a day without dark chocolate.”

That's OK, Jen, we all have our guilty pleasures! For example, we can't go a day without looking at your Instagram page. Same thing, right? the Daily Star continued that Jen trains five days a week incorporating a mixture of cardio, weights and bodyweight exercises. A few weeks back, she even released her own home workout series on her Fitplan app — pretty impressive stuff! If you're interested in checking out in out, you can head here to see more.

Lead Image Via Instagram/jenselter

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