Antonio Brown's Baby Momma VS. 'Mistress' Drama Heats Up As Jena Frumes Rips Him A New One On Twitter

Image(s) Via Instagram/ab//jenafrumes

You know what I find most worthy of sipping some tea? Antonio Brown hasn't posted a picture Chelsie Kyriss (the mother of his two children) in MONTHS, until yesterday. Look, I'm a huge proponent of maintaining a conventional family dynamic to ensure that his sons have two caring, present parents, but come on dude, seems like a bit of a low blow considering you did in fact have another woman in your life that you were romantically involved with.

That "other woman" is the one and only, quite stunning, Jena Frumes who recently took to Twitter to share her feelings on Brown getting back with Kyriss who also happens to be pregnant with their third child.

Personally, I think she was pretty respectful all things considered. She doesn't mention the children or Chelsie (by name) and she puts the majority of the onus on Brown, where it belongs! I don't care if that's an unpopular opinion or not. He's clearly the type of man who loves to pit women against each other. I'd venture to say he's told a lie (or 100) to each of these women a time or two to make himself like the good guy [eye roll].

Again, I support keeping his family together, especially with a third baby on the way, but the man already has two sons! Is this how he wants to raise them? Thinking it's a-okay to flip flop between different women while impregnating one here and there? No way Jose, not cool. However, Chelsie isn't an entirely innocent here either. Your man walks out on you, wait no, more like kicks you to the curb for another woman after six years of living together and raising and family and the moment he comes back you're cool with it? I don't know about that but it seems like a weak move to me.

Moral of the story? Celebrities are just like us! Except they might need more therapy.


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