Model Jenna Bentley: 'Sleeping With Women Made Me So Much Better With Men' (Exclusive)

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I don't define sex as "penis" or "vagina." Thankfully, the older I get, the more partners seem to understand this and introduce toys and tongue and fun stuff into the equation. Not only just a weeny. But, back when I was in high school, I definitely thought the definition of sex was the guy thrusting on top until he finished.

Everyone has their own definition of sex, but, in my personal opinion, bodies are too beautiful and complex to keep it solely between just a man and a woman. And, ever since I began sleeping with women, I've had so many orgasms in ways I never knew were even possible, figuring out that, sometimes, the best person to please my "female parts" best were the people who actually have their own!

Don't get me wrong, though, I still love a nice package, guys.

Before I made love to someone with a strap on, I took things for granted! Now, when I have it on, I feel more powerful, knowing damn well that it pleases my partner so much more because I know what I'm doing.

Humping while on top or from behind can be hard and, yeah, it actually takes some practice, trying to find a smooth rhythm and also finding the perfect angle — but I don't need to tell you guys that — so I definitely have mad respect for you now that I'm into this new toy myself.

I'm definitely not afraid to ask for what I want now, and experimenting with different things with female partners has only piqued my interest when I'm with a male partner. It's made me more confident in my sexuality and, where before I used to be shy about asking for it rough or adding a toy, I don't even care what they'll think — even if the guy does think it's pretty hot!

I even put less pressure on myself to get off now since I know there are so many ways to do so, whether with a guy or girl! Not caring has opened my mind up and, in my experiences, has shown that not trying to climax usually ends with the best experiences.

Now that I date women, I'm more emotionally attracted to partners, because I'm open to whoever stimulates my mind and attracts and knows what they're doing when between the sheets. It's good to know that, whenever I'm feeling frisky, I have the option to choose either a gorgeous female or a sexual guy, which makes me have higher standards when choosing a partner.

So, yeah, men, it's quite the "interview" process, with only well-informed guys making the cut.

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All images via Instagram/partylikejzl.

Written by Jenna Bentley.

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