Model Jenna Bentley Tells Us The Top Spots To Get Down And Dirty Without Getting Busted

It's not everyday that we get to sit down with an attractive woman like model Jenna Bentley, so, when we got word that we had the opportunity to do just that, we jumped all over it as if someone had told us we had won a free trip to Europe or something.

Oh, but this wasn't just going to be talking about boring sh-t over a coffee, guys, because Jenna wanted to leave us with some top-notch advice. That's why she took things a little R-rated, focusing the conversation on how to have sex in public without getting caught.

We found it pretty interesting, so we let her go on and on and on, eventually leading us to write everything down and sharing Jenna's knowledge with you—so, hopefully, it proves as useful to you as it has to us!

Here's how Jenna Bentley says you can get down and dirty without getting busted.


"I'd have to say the thrill of doing it in a car is so sexy! Girl on top position always works best for me, so make sure you're in a private location and remember to roll those windows down because it's definitely going to get steamy!"

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Dressing Room

"In the fitting room is such a classic, sexy fantasy, but it works so well because there aren't any cameras in there—so Big Brother doesn't have their eye on you. If you really feel like spicing it up and getting naughty, make sure to get a dressing room with a mirror so you can watch each other get busy."

Movie Theater

"If you're going to try to do it at the movies, make sure to catch an early showing or simply sneak into a theater when everyone's leaving a movie. Feeling scandalous? Get behind the movie theater screen on the steps and go to town... who cares about wasting money and not watching the movie you paid for."

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"This one is my all-time favorite, so I probably should have put it in my No. 1 spot! Anyway, if you want a hot and steamy encounter (literally), bring your man into the sauna when everyone's making their way out and get ready to burn some calories!"

Photo Booth

"If you're going to try it in a photo booth, go during a weekday when it's, presumably, less crowded. To really enjoy this, do it reverse cowgirl and say cheese... it will be one of the hottest memories you'll ever capture."

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All Images provided by Ryan Dwyer and Main Street Productions

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