Jennifer Aniston

Full name: Jennifer Joanna Aniston
DOB: February 11, 1969
Place of birth: Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Occupation: Actress, director and producer

Jennifer Aniston Facts

While married to handsome hunkboat Brad Pitt, Jenny campaigned to keep her fave TV show EastEnders on US telly.

In Friends, her acquaintance/flatmate/lover Joey starred in Days Of Our Lives; her dad starred in the soppy soap in real life.

She is half Greek, but hates the cuisine, and also doesn’t like Chinese, Indian or any kind of spicy food. If you ever cook for her, best make it fish fingers.

Why We Love Jennifer Aniston

When she was part of one of most successful sitcoms of all time, women wanted to copy her haircut and men wanted to steal her away from that greasy-haired bozo who was a little too fond of dinosaurs. Since the demise of Friends, Jennifer Aniston is in greater demand than ever, with movie producers happy to shell out $10million or more if it means they can get her beaming down in sexy-but-unthreatening manner from the poster for their latest rom-com.

Jenny’s been out with the full spectrum of men (chiseled actor Brad Pitt, thoughtful songwriter John Mayer, odd–looking funnyman Vince Vaughn, and even an Essex brickie), meaning that there truly is hope for all of us to enjoy a brief, tabloid-inflaming romance with one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities.